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Mary Mission Incorporated


Mary Mission Incorporated has given hope to the hopeless by building a St Philomena Primary School for the orphans & vulnerable children of Lwabikere, Kalagala, Kayunga, Kitenga and Kasana.

A donation of just $25 per month, can transform the life of a child and bring a new generation of doctors, teachers, nurses, pilots, good leaders and more. Many have good aspirations, but they can only achieve them with your support. We need your help to do this.

Our Mission is Continuing to Seek Donations to Help Fund:

* Additional Classrooms: $12,000 each
* Kitchen Supplies: $500.00
* Sponsorship/Godparent Program: $300 per year/ $25 per month per student
* Laptop Computers: $375
* Printer: $550
* Meal Program: $125 per student/per year
* Mary Mission Pad Program: $50 per year per student
* Fund Deworming Clinic: $450
* Fund Immunization Clinic: $750
* Fund Pre-Natal Clinic: $400
* Medical Clinic: $425
* School Supplies: black shoes
* First Communion Supplies: $35 per child
* Religion Class Funding: $800 per year
* Security: $750 per year
* Water Supply: $425 per year
* Electric Bill: $750 per year
* Classroom Maintenance: $500 per year
*** And Prayers…. Please pray for St Philomena's and all involved.

Our Gift to You For Your Donation:

Donations of $250-$500: Wooden Medjugorje Rosary.
Donations of $500-$750: Wooden Medjugorje Rosary & Oak crafted cross (by Jon Kossan).
Donations of $750-$1000: Wooden Medjugorje Rosary, Oak Cross, and Mary Mission T-Shirt.
Donations over $1000: All above plus a remembrance Mass at Queen of Peace Church.

Your donation may be tax deductible under: Mary Mission Incorporated, 501(c)(3) non profit, charitable organization in the state of North Dakota, USA


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Checks Can Be Sent To:

Mary Mission Incorporated
c/o Pam Kossan
3270 Bethany Loop
Bismarck, ND 58503

Telephone: (701)530-9310

Address: 3270 Bethany Loop - Bismarck, ND 58503

Email: info@marymission.com


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