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I am a Missionary….

Claudia Dietrich - Mandan, ND


Although nearly impossible to express what I witnessed, experienced and learned in Uganda, I'll attempt to do so to express my gratitude to everyone on the journey with me. For most of the first 3 days and nights, I found myself moved to tears frequently. These were not tears of sadness, rather tears of having my heart cracked open in love - for all of God's creation and for the people - especially the vulnerable, the poor and the children. It wasn't until a friend asked what the tears were about, and, the next day I read a daily meditation; that I finally had words to put to my experience of tears. Here's what Rohr says, " Let me describe God's universal love as best I can: love is recognizing oneself in the other by realizing they are not other! We are all in this together." I experienced the people as having shining faces, wide smiles, soft voices, and grateful and humble spirits. A comment that a friend's friend made on FaceBook sums it up, "Sometimes Angels have wings – and sometimes they wear t-shirts". Certainly, I don't feel like an angel, and I know for sure that I benefitted more than the people we helped. I also know that my life and heart have been forever impacted and I will be committed to this mission and the children for the rest of my life. One major lesson of this mission is that I will forever be grateful for everything in my life! "I am forever changed by witnessing the sun set on the other side of the world" (author unknown). ~Claudia

I am a Missionary…..
Johannes Dittrich - Germany


With Mary Mission in Uganda it was my second mission trip. Their concern is St. Philomena Primary and Nursery school which educates over 280 children. We have seen good teachers leading their children and teaching them. All children get food every day and the mission team distributed clothes and remedies but most of all their love. A new church on the ground just 100 meters away from school assures spiritual guidance. Being part of such a mission is life changing and makes a difference. Getting in touch with the lives and sorrows of poor children and families opens one’s eyes for a focus towards necessities. I have learned to distinct this from superficial things that we, “Western folks“allegedly need so much. What a lesson to see smiling poor people who are happy to experience true love. I am happy as well to be again a missionary next year same spot same procedures. God bless our St. Philomena School. ~Johannes

I am a Missionary….
Loralee Feininger - Minot, ND

loralee feininger

"This trip changed how I view all the "stuff" that I have, and I always felt safe." ~Lori

I am a Missionary…..
Sr. Nancy Gunderson - Bismarck, ND

sr. nancy gunderson

The experience was incredible. I experienced the worst of poverty and the best of Church. The experience cracked our hearts open – tears of too-muchness in the love given back to us and the beauty of the people and their expressions of gratitude. ~Sr. Nancy

I am a Missionary….
Dave Wayman - Erie, PA

dave wayman

Aside from marriage and the birth of children, these mission trips have been the most rewarding experience of my life. To be able to love and help people who really need help, and to be loved by them is a blessing from God. ~Dave

I am a Missionary…
Kathy Wayman - Erie, PA

kathy wayman

There is something life changing about seeing and trying to make a difference in the lives of these dear children. The love that was given to each one of us was palpable. Uganda is forever in my heart and mind. So much has been accomplished by Mary Mission in such a short time and the children are learning In English and doing well. ~Kathy Wayman

I am a Missionary…
Vennesa Franke -Germany


The mission trip was a life changing journey. I can't express it in words what this trip means to me. The whole trip was filled with joy through and through. I met a lot of wonderful new friends from Uganda and the USA which I will always carry in my heart. In 2008, I was on my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje and met the wonderful Stephen and Johannes. Ever since I wanted to go and visit Stephen in Uganda. In 2017 my dream came true and Johannes and I were on an airplane to Entebbe. The trip was perfectly organized and everywhere we went there were so many joyful and thankful people. I never experienced so many loving and warmhearted people around me. I really do fell in love with the Ugandans and especially the kids at our St. Philomena School. We can really change their lives if we are willing to give up a little bit from the many things we have. You don't know how much it means to the little ones that they can go to school to have better opportunities in lives later. The relationship with a sponsored child is really something special. You know that your money goes directly to the kid and that it is absolutely worth doing. It just takes you a smile from the kid to melt down. With our prayer and help of Mother Mary we are able make someone's life better on this earth. It will not only turn the kid's life, but your life too. Since I am back in Germany I am more contented and thankful in life. Thanks, and Glory be to God! I pray to join Marry Mission again in 2018. ~Vanessa

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